Getting up early at 3:30 in the morning is not everyone’s cup of tea, but to fishermen all over the world, waking up before the sunrise is a great feeling for the day ahead, if you want to get the most out of the warmer months at the beach. Take our word for it, it’s worth every minute. Grabbing breakfast, take hold of bait and tackle, putting together a cooler of snacks, and getting down to the boat around 4:00 am makes for the start of a great day seeing the peek up over the horizon on the water. It makes you feel special, like you got a private show from Mother Nature. You can’t think of a happier feeling than sipping on coffee with the sand between toes while listening to the waves crash. The lovely sound of the drive racing to life fused with the sweet chirping of the first bird of the day, gives fishermen immense joy.

Take out the fishing rods and bait and let the excitement begin.

To get an awesome experience of fishing out in the rushing waters, it’s always good to figure out exactly what version of boat to get and what type of boat to avoid. Determining the right type of fishing that you will do also gives you a better idea as to the best boat for your fishing needs. Whether you want to go casting for bass or trolling for Nairagi, a freshwater fishing boat is a must-have.



Have a passion for watersports? Maybe you’re looking to cruise around leisurely? Are you hooked on fishing or is sailing more your speed? What makes a boat popular? Is it looks, fishability, style, or value? Whatever you’re looking for, there is a kind of boat that fits your needs. The idea that there is any boat out there that is better than all the rest is simply a myth. Likewise, there is no such thing as the best fishing boat, best family boat, best center console , or best bay boat. What does exist, however, is a “best boat” for you – for your fishing requirements, your cruising needs, your comfort, and your budget. The following list will give you many different options of the top pick boats of 2019, and we hope you will find something that will fit you and your family. Whatever option you choose, we hope it brings a wide smile to your face for many years to come.

1. Cobia 296 CC

The Cobia 296 CC has made its mark on customers because it’s laid out well and truly doubles as a hardcore fishing boat that runs well in seas and still offers plenty of comfortable features including seating throughout, a hideaway table at the bow, and a forward-entry console with a step-down head. They’re at just the right height to lean up against without feeling like you could lose your balance and flip over the side, and they’re lined with cushy bolsters

2. Freeman 33

The Freeman 33 is a watercraft about which many customers claim gives them a rock solid smooth ride. With 30” on either side of the center console, the Freeman 33 feels so wide, open and capacious. With 18 rob holders, a 50 gallon livewell, and 4 massive in-deck storage areas, this boat is a true die-hard fishermens dream.

3. Hatteras GT45X

The Hatteras GT45X with Flybridge Option is a performance yacht with many amenities and is ideal for the owner-captain ready to take offshore adventures to newer lengths. Tournament-ready, it features a state-of-the-art upper helm, full tower, battle-ready outriggers and top-end speed in the mid-40s. For convenience, this category-leading convertible comes with a Palm Beach-style helm and next-generation electronics.

4. Invincible 36

The Invincible 36 has drawn anglers to the brand because of the fit-and-finish and quality it brings to the market. With its exceptional results in ride and performance, as well as, constantly well-improved such as researching better materials, adhesives, and production methods, the Invincible 36 dominates the watercrafts market.

5. Jarrett Bay 53

The Jarret Bay 53 comes with a number of amenities inside and out. This boat has everything whether you want to spend a weekend relaxing by the water or fishing,. Inside it includes bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small kitchen. It has added multiple fishing equipment attached such as rod holders, ice storage, and multiple seating options.



6. SeaVee 340

The SeeVee 340 is a versatile offshore boat that’s trailerable and can accommodate twin or triple outboards. One of the best things about the SeaVee 340 is that it’s sold factory directly to the customer rather than through dealers, so they’re built to the exact specifications of the buyer.

7. Yellowfin 36

The Yellowfin 36 has rough-water capability, ease of trailering, and a thoughtful fishing layout, making it a top seller at Yellowfin. The Yellowfin 36 offers the option of twin or triple outboards and provides console leaning-post soft or hardtop choices for customers to customize to their specific fishing needs.

8. Viking 52 Convertible

The Viking 52 Convertible remains on of the most popular editions in Viking boats. It incorporates a stylish three-sided fiberglass deckhouse. The cockpit is ideal for fishing and other water sport activities with a walk-through transom door and lift gate, as well as, storage bins, insulated coolers, and multiple seating.

Buying a boat is often one of the more enjoyable experiences in life. There are so many options available once you’ve figured out the size and style of boat you would like, and nailed down a realistic budget with sensible contingencies, the perfect watercraft for you and your family, we hope you have multiple years of fun out in the open water with the people you love most.

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