It is said that the picking the best spear gun is like picking the best car. Everyone has a different favourite. Want to learn how to spearfish but have no idea where to begin? In this article, we’ll walk you through the best spear guns of 2020 and give you a better idea on how to choose the best spear gun to fit your everyday hunting needs. Deciding how to choose the best gun for yourself comes down to the type of spearfishing you want to do, the type of spear, the length, the shafts, and lastly the overall price.

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For starters, the kind of fishing you intend on engaging in determines the type of spear gun to buy. Will you be deep scuba diving? Or will you be closer to the surface? Think wisely and do your homework.




Spearfishing is getting more popular these days, especially for those locating close to coastal waters or even tourists alike. Searching and finding the right spear gun for yourself is a critical step in assisting your underwater hunting skills. You may think the most expensive spear gun will be ideal for you, but that isn’t always the case. Everyone is different and every spear gun is different. It’s important to do your homework and research your options and understand the piece of equipment you are purchasing. The types of fish and species you plan on hunting, as well as your hunting ability and diving/freediving capabilities will all dictate the type of spear gun you buy. In this list, However, finding one that meets your needs is easier said than done. To provide you with a serving hand, we will take you through some of the top spear guns available in markets today.

1. JBL Woody Magnum

The JBL Magnum Woody Speargun comes with African mahogany self-opted blank for grain pattern and straightness. It results in high performance in off beach and Blue Water conditions.
Best For: Game Fish
Length: 61.25”
Spear: Bulletnose Breakaway
Pros: Powerful Spear
Cons: Heavy spear, best left for those with experience

2. Mares Sten

The first Mares Sten was created in 1967. The Sten has since become the best dive buddy of countless spearfishermen around the world, who appreciate its precision, power, and reliability.
Best For: Reel Fish, Game Fish
Length: 16.5” to 39.4”
Spear: Double Barbed
Pros: Ergonomic handle, hydrodynamic muzzle, easy to load
Cons: Supplied spear very weak

3. Beuchat Arka Competition

Powerfull and efficient the ARKA is equipped indispensable features with traditional looks an feel.
Best For: Reef/Shallow Spearfishing
Length: 19.7” to 39.4”
Spear: Tahitian style
Pros: Tough but lightweight, inexpensive
Cons: Cheaper materials, not as durable

4. Cressi Comanche

The Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun is a great all rounder spearfishing gun that is top quality at an affordable price.
Best For: Reef Spearfishing
Length: 23.6” to 43.3”
Spear: Single Flopper Barb Point
Pros: Anti-corrosion aluminium tubes, easy loading, quiet
Cons: Not as good with bigger fish /p>

5. Cressi SL Star

Best For: Reef Spearfishing, small to medium fish
Length: 15.75” to 27.5”
Spear: Unavailable
Pros: Ergonomic grip, lightweight, safety catch to prevent accidental firing, good for low visibility conditions
Cons: Spear can be tricky to attach into place




6. Cressi Apache

The perfect gun for cleaning up the reef, the Cressi Apache Spear Gun is a great starter gun for any young spearo. An easy reload, closed muzzle, and optional room for an additonal band (I recommend it) make this a small fish slayer!
Best For: Small to medium fish
Length: 13.8” to 29.5”
Spear: Tahitian style
Pros: Compact and lightweight, good entry-level spear or back up spear
Cons: Can be hard to load

7. Beuchat Espadon

The Beuchat Espadon Spear Gun is a tough, lightweight band gun, ideal for entry level spear fishers. The short lengths make it perfect for use around reefs, rocks and in low visibility environments.
Best For: Small reef fish, low visibility conditions
Length: 13.8” and 19.7”
Spear: Single Barb
Pros: Great entry-level spear, extremely affordable, short length ideal for shallow areas or in low visiblity conditions
Cons: Not powerful, won’t last long if used regularly

When it comes to spearguns, there is enormous diversity.

The thing to keep in mind is that every speargun has its pros and cons, and what it really boils down to is that there is no one spear gun suitable for all conditions, all species or all divers. Know before you buy, and take your time to make the right choice based on your requirements, understanding that ultimately, a diver must have a selection of spear guns to be effective in all conditions.
Some guns have a smaller range and are less powerful, which makes them ideal for targeting reef fish or spearing in shallow areas.

If you plan on shooting big game fish then you’ll need a tougher spear with a longer range that’s powerful enough to kill a large fish quickly.

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