One of the many perks of growing up near the ocean is the beach and the sand itself. There is so much energy; everyone is active, socializing, playing something, or in the water. A beach lifestyle consists of staying active and one of the many ways you can stay active at the beach is volleyball. Beach volleyball, that is. Many of the professional athletes we are going to introduce you to today started out playing volleyball on the beach for fun. They all fell in love with the sport.

Sun, sand, sweat… and a dream to one day compete in the AVP.

Every athlete starts out as a child with dreams to someday make it big in the sport of their choice. Determination, passion, and never giving up are the characteristics that made all the difference in becoming the professionals they are today. Beach Volleyball is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation – but most of all, of reprciporcity – of teamwork




Established in 1983, the Association of Volleyball Professionals has had 30-plus years of rich history creating, staging, and marketing some of the most innovative and engaging sporting events in North America. The AVP is headquartered in Newport Beach, which is why many of the athletes you are about to learn more about moved to Southern California. Among its responsibilities, the organization sets tourism policy and direction, develops and supports programs that enhance the visitor experience, coordinates research and planning, and implements marketing initiatives. Determination, passion, and lots and lots of training, and these athletes made their dreams a reality. You should definitely keep your eye out for the eight athletes we introduce to you today because I can guarantee you will hear their name again.

1. Chaim Schalk

Chaim Schalk is a 6’5” Canadian native and made his debut with the AVP in 2017. He fell in love with the sport of volleyball at the age of 12 when practicing with his brothers and never looked back. Schalk represented Team Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics and finished 9th with partner Ben Saxton. Chaim Schalk loved beach volleyball so much, he had his father build a court in their backyard in Reed Deer, Alta.

2. Chase Frishman

Chase Frishman is a 6’0” Californian native and made his debut with the AVP in 2016. Chase Frishman played Libero at UC San Diego all four years, leaving the program with the second most digs in school history. Chasing college graduation he continued his indoor career in Switzerland where he played one year professionally with lot of successes along the way. Frishman transferred to the beach game in 2016 here he was named the 2016 Rookie of the Year on the AVP.

3. David Vander Meer

David Vander Meer is a 5’9” United States native from Grand Rapids, MI. He went to Ball State and set school records for the most digs in a four-set match and most 20+ dig matches in a career. Coming from an athletic family, his mother coached him in club volleyball and his father is a referee on the AVP tour. He has also been a national official with USA Volleyball and the Professional Association of Volleyball Officials.

4. Jeremy Casebeer

Jeremy Casebeer is a 6’5” Californian native and made his debut in the AVP in 2008 at the age of 19. He went to UCLA and led his team his senior season in kills. Casebeer and his wife Maria are the only people in the world able to compete on both the AVP and Brasilian Pro Tour. He has also earned a seventh-place finish on the 2015 AVP Tour, in Chicago with Olson. Finished ninth three times, twice with Olson and once with Casey Jennings

5. Jake Gibb

Jake Gibb is a 6’7” United States native from Boutiful, Utah. He made his debut in the AVP in 2001. Gibb is one of the few players on the AVP Tour that did not play volleyball in college. It wasn’t until he was 21 that he took up the sport of beach volleyball with his twin brother. Overall, he has came in first 34 times in AVP. In 2017, Gibb and Taylor Crabb formed a partnership, and they won two of their first four AVP events as partners.



6. Piotr Marciniak

Piotr Marciniak is a 6’6” Poland native. He began playing volleyball at the age of 13. In 2004, Marciniak began playing indoor professionally and played for the Polish National Team from 2005-2006. He moved to the United States in 2012 to pursue his Master’s degree and transitioned to beach volleyball.

7. Ryan Doherty

Ryan Doherty is a 7’1” United States native from New Jersey and made his debut in the AVP in 2012. 2013 was his most successful season on the tour to date, with three top-3 finishes and six top-10 finishes. In 2015, Doherty paired with John Mayer and ended the season as the Tour’s top-ranked pair.

8. Tri Bourne

Tri Bourne is a 6’6” United States native from Honolulu, Hawaii and made his debut in the AVP in 2013. Bourne attended college at USC and set the school record for most 20-dig matches in a season. Bourne was named the 2013 AVP Newcomer of the Year and Most Improved Player.

Beach Volleyball is one of best sports. Everything about it — the physical demand, the cool uniforms, the coaches and the teammates — is great.

The AVP Tour runs from May through September every year and travels through many cities, including Austin, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Hermosa Beach, Chicago, Manhattan Beach and Hawaii. If you are interested in volleyball, definitely go check these talented athletes out!

"Volleyball players with goals succeed because they know where they're going." ~
Felicity Luckey

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